Texas Voodoo Zombies (2016)

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  1. Vote: 2.9

  2. Quality: SD

  3. Genre: Sci-Fi

  4. Starring: Sheleva Bailey, Jonathan Ball, Jasmine Bardere, Yarvette Bass
  5. Director: Victor McGlothin
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Storyline:  Texas Voodoo Zombies (2016) He has to find a real job within 48 hours or go back to jail and serve out a five-year bid for habitual marijuana possession. Knowing that he has too many haters inside to last a single day if sent back to county lockup, Charlie Lewinsky - a shady probation officer, forces Doobie to become his personal weed dispenser. Desperate to break away from Charlie's control and his own checkered past, Doobie borrows a bug truck and strikes out to become the best exterminator in the hood. Always the irresponsible, skirt-chasing loser, Doobie wastes little time breaking all the rules and the trust of his clients when he mistakenly sprays several of his neighbors' homes with a deadly chemical mix. Just when it appears Doobie's his luck has changed, his ex-girlfriend - the scheming Voodoo priestess Sabrina, casts a spell that converts his toxic bug-killing concoction into a powerful Zombie potion. After turning his community into a walking dead hoodpocalypse, Doobie has a tough decision to make. He can stand and fight Zombies to the death with his big sister Kenya and friend Tracy or he run like hell!

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