Tarzans Greatest Adventure (1959)

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  1. Vote: 6.6

  2. Quality: DVD

  3. Genre: Action, Adventure

  4. Starring: Gordon Scott, Anthony Quayle, Sara Shane, Niall MacGinnis
  5. Director: John Guillermin
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Storyline:  Tarzans Greatest Adventure (1959) After diamond hunters kill two people while stealing explosives, Tarzan sets off after them. The group, led by a man named Slade, are off to excavate a diamond mine. Along the way, Tarzan rescue an attractive woman, Angie, whose crashes her small airplane. She finds the trek demanding but sticks with it proving her worth when the time comes. As for Slade and his group, greed and jealousy take hold leaving only a few of them for Tarzan to fight in the end.

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