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  3. Genre: Romance

  4. Starring: Cleo Anthony, Azur De, Gricelda Chavez, Supa Creative
  5. Director: J Swain
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Storyline:  Save Me from Love (2012) Kendra Lewis, beautiful, successful and engaged to be married finally wises up. After years of suspicious behavior, of one too many nights, "out with the boys" Kendra realizes that her live-in fiancé James is wasting her time. Fed up with his player ways, Kendra breaks off the engagement, moves out of the home they've shared together for years and is suddenly...SINGLE! With help from her three best friends - "only date outside my race" Giselle, "just looking for a good time" Kiki & "committed and pregnant" Tané, Kendra decides to start dating and give love a second try. Not as easy as it sounds, Kendra experiences one crazy and wildly comedic date after another leaving her wondering the age-old question, "where are all the good men?" Just as Kendra stops dating and decides to enjoy her single life, she unexpectedly meets Dirk - handsome, available and interested! Ever cautious but intrigued, Kendra eventually lets her guard down but wonders, could Dirk be the man of her dreams or another James in disguise?... Synonymous to movies like Think Like a Man, He's Just Not That Into You and Love Jones, Save Me From Love is a refreshing romantic comedy that will leave you laughing and intrigued as the characters take you through a journey of dating, relationships and finding love.

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