Predator 2 (1990)

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  1. Vote: 6.2

  2. Quality: HD

  3. Genre: Action, Horror, Sci-Fi

  4. Starring: Danny Glover, Gary Busey, Kevin Peter Hall
  5. Director: Stephen Hopkins
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Storyline:  Predator 2 (1990) LAPD lieutenant Mike Harrigan (Danny Glover) and his cocky detective partner Jerry Lambert (Bill Paxton) soon realize that what seemed a bloody feud between voodoo high priest King Willie's (Calvin Lockhart) Jamaican gangs and Ramon Vega's (Corey Rand) Colombian drug gang is actually the work of a scary third party. Peter Keyes's (Gary Busey) federal team shields the crime scene even for the LAPD, but after forensics proves it must be an alien, who keeps making victims, the chase brings them all together.

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