Pray 3D: The Storm (2012)

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  3. Genre: Thriller

  4. Starring: Elliana Esquivel, Amy Mitchell, Madeline Ormand, Eliot Barton
  5. Director: Matt Mitchell
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Storyline:  Pray 3D: The Storm (2012) Autumn leaves gently rustle in the October breeze as the days shorten, and the nights grow darker. It's been three peaceful years since evil walked the streets in the sleepy town of Smithfield. Laurie Curtis and her family have finally put the nightmare of the mysterious masked villain behind them, and life has returned to normal...until tonight. While a raging storm is heading toward them, Laurie and her husband, Michael, attempt to enjoy a quiet dinner out with friends. At home, their favorite teenage babysitter keeps an eye on their precious children. The growing storm isn't the only thing that threatens the safety of their home tonight. The sinister shape is back! The storm cuts off all access to the infamous Curtis house, and now the race is on to rescue the children and their sitter! Will faith conquer fear once again? From the team that brought you Paranormal and the previous Pray films, comes the latest faith-friendly thriller from Cross Shadow Productions! Once again, CSP delivers the perfect uplifting alternative to the typical secular Hollywood horror movie. Full of heart-pounding suspense and stunning 3D images, nothing will prepare you for the white-knuckle roller coaster ride that awaits you in Pray 3D: The Storm!

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