Lovers Vanished (2010)

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  1. Vote: 5.7

  2. Quality: HD

  3. Genre: Romance

  4. Starring: Nam gil Kim, Woo seul hye Hwang, Yun min Jeong, Je mun Yun
  5. Director: Chang ho Cho
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Storyline:  Lovers Vanished (2010) This independent melodrama, a Korean Leaving Las Vegas (1995) according to its creator, depicts the fragile bonding of two people who thought they would never love again. He is an unjustly convicted chef who voluntarily contracts HIV from another inmate's needle in order to get released from prison. Then he can find out who really murdered his wife. She was a magician's assistant, who fell miserably in love with her boss. Now she runs a remote restaurant on the windswept coast of South Korean's Jeju island. Their paths cross after he escapes from prison, visiting the young woman at the request of a fellow inmate. She gives him a job as a chef, and they begin to get closer. Despite the relaxing seaside idyll and the ray of hope shining down on the characters' stark lives, happiness is forbidden them. A nationwide police search has begun for the fugitive and the inescapable threat of death from AIDS hangs over him every moment like a shadow.

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