Let Fury Have the Hour (2012)

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  3. Genre: Documentary, Biography, History, Music

  4. Starring: Lewis Black, Stuart Bogie, Billy Bragg, Anna Burger
  5. Director: Antonino DAmbrosio
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Storyline:  Let Fury Have the Hour 2012 In his feature directorial debut, acclaimed author, visual artist, and filmmaker Antonino DAmbrosio has fashioned a lively social history that chronicles how a generation of artists, thinkers, and activists used their creativity and their creations as a response to the reactionary politics that came to define our culture in the 1980s An exuberant, mixed media collage that incorporates graphic art, music, animation, and spoken word, the film spans three decades of change from the cynical heyday of Reagan and Thatcher through today and brings together over 50 writers, playwrights, painters, poets, skateboarders, dancers, musicians, and rights advocates, all of whom attest to the fact that we can re imagine the world we live in and take an active role in making that vision a reality 

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