Lancelot du Lac (1974)

Watch Full Movie :Lancelot du Lac (1974)
  1. Vote: 7.0

  2. Quality: HD

  3. Genre: Drama, Fantasy, Romance

  4. Starring: Luc Simon, Laura Duke Condominas, Humbert Balsan
  5. Director: Robert Bresson
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Storyline:  Lancelot du Lac 1974 A million miles away from Camelot or Excalibur, this film ruthlessly strips the Arthurian legend down to its barest essentials Arthurs knights, far from being heroic, are conniving and greedy men who, just before the film starts, have failed miserably to find the Holy Grail Aimlessly resentful at first, the developing relationship between Lancelot and Queen Guinevere focuses their rage, leading to inevitable tragedy 

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