Kung Fu Panda Secrets of the Furious Five 2008

Watch Full Movie :Kung Fu Panda Secrets of the Furious Five 2008
  1. Vote: 7.2

  2. Quality: DVD

  3. Genre: Animation, Short, Action

  4. Starring: Jack Black, Dustin Hoffman, Will Shadley, Eamon Pirruccello
  5. Director: Raman Hui
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Storyline:  Join the star of Kung Fu Panda as he sets out on a whole new adventure in this sequel to the animated box-office hit featuring the voices of Jack Black and Dustin Hoffman. In the wake of defeating the ferocious Tai Lung, the Dragon Warrior must draw on the skills of Viper, Tigress, Monkey, Crane, and Mantis in order to face Shifu's greatest challenge to date. Along the way, Dragon Warrior uncovers the ancient Secrets of the Furious Five while discovering that it takes much more than strength and agility to become a true kung fu master.

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