Ghoulies IV (1994)

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  1. Vote: 2.8

  2. Quality: SD

  3. Genre: Comedy, Fantasy, Horror

  4. Starring: Peter Liapis, Barbara Alyn Woods, Stacie Randall, Raquel Krelle
  5. Director: Jim Wynorski
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Storyline:  Ghoulies IV (1994) While in pursuit of cop Johnathan Graves, his demonic nemesis, Faust, sends his disciple Alexandria to hunt down the amulet that will set him free. Meanwhile, the Ghoulies find their way through an open porthole and onto the streets of L.A., creating madness and mayhem as they search for a way to get back home. As the body count rises, it becomes an ultimate battle between a demonic killer, a rule-breaking cop, and our favorite creatures from the netherworld!

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