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  4. Starring: Tom Hardy, Cillian Murphy, Kenneth Branagh, Mark Rylance
  5. Director: Christopher Nolan
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Storyline:  Dunkirk (2017) In 1940, during the Battle of France, hundreds of thousands of Allied soldiers have retreated to Dunkirk. Tommy, a young British private, is the sole survivor of a German ambush. At the beach, he finds thousands of troops awaiting evacuation and meets Gibson, who is burying a body. After a German dive-bomber attack, they find a wounded man. They rush his stretcher onto a hospital ship, hoping to remain aboard, but are ordered off. The ship is sunk by dive bombers; Tommy helps another soldier, Alex, out of the water. They leave at night on a destroyer, but it is sunk by a U-boat. Gibson opens a hatch, freeing Tommy and Alex from the hold, and they get back to the beach.With only a single, vulnerable mole available for mooring deep-draft ships, the Royal Navy requisitions civilian vessels in the UK that can get to the beach. In Weymouth, a civilian sailor Dawson and his son Peter set out on his boat Moonstone, rather than let the Navy commandeer her. Impulsively, Peter’s teenage friend George joins them. At sea, they rescue a shivering shell-shocked soldier from a wrecked ship. When he realises that Dawson is sailing for Dunkirk, the soldier demands that they turn back and tries to wrest control of the boat; in the struggle, George falls and suffers a head injury that renders him blind. Three Spitfires cross the English Channel, heading towards Dunkirk. After their leader is shot down in a dogfight, one of the pilots, Farrier, assumes command, although his fuel gauge is shattered. They save a minesweeper from a German Heinkel He 111 bomber, but the other Spitfire is hit and ditches. The pilot, Collins, cannot open his canopy to escape, but is rescued by Moonstone....

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