Desperate But Not Serious (2000)

Watch Full Movie :Desperate But Not Serious (2000)
  1. Vote: 4.4

  2. Quality: SD

  3. Genre: Comedy

  4. Starring: Christine Taylor, Paget Brewster, Claudia Schiffer, John Corbett
  5. Director: Bill Fishman
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Storyline:  Desperate But Not Serious (2000) Lily is a twenty-something aspiring writer who receives an invitation to attend a wedding reception with Jonathan, a handsome entomologist who also happens to be the man of her dreams. The only problem is that she's in San Francisco and the wedding is in L.A. Lily is therefore forced to enlist the aid of her friend Frances, an unrepentant party girl who has the L.A. nightclub scene wired. Their plans are completely derailed when they inadvertently lose the all important wedding invitation. This sets in motion an evening full of near misses with Jonathan, and thrusts Lily and Frances into a swarm of offbeat encounters with the underground Hollywood crowd. Off they go from club to club, from party to party and from boy to boy in an effort to find the wedding reception.

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