China Gate (1957)

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  3. Genre: Action, Drama, War

  4. Starring: Gene Barry, Angie Dickinson, Nat King Cole, Paul Dubov
  5. Director: Samuel Fuller
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Storyline:  China Gate (1957) Near the end of the French phase of the Vietnam War, a group of mercenaries are recruited to travel through enemy territory to the Chinese border, to blow up an arms depot. A Eurasian smuggler, Lucky Legs, agrees to use her connections to help them, in return getting her son into America. The racist father of the boy, Sergeant Brock, is also part of the multinational group. Lucky Legs must use the love of a Eurasian guerilla leader, Major Cham, to get access to the base. Will they destroy the base, and will Brock overcome his racism before Lucky Legs makes The Ultimate Sacrifice?

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