Chained Heat II (1993)

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  1. Vote: 3.5

  2. Quality: SD

  3. Genre: Crime, Drama, Thriller

  4. Starring: Brigitte Nielsen, Paul Koslo, Kimberley Kates
  5. Director: Lloyd A Simandl
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Storyline:  Chained Heat II 1993 Ten years after the original Chained Heat 1983, this follow up appeared, more of a remake than a sequel to the first film Alex, an American tourist in Prague, Czechoslovakia, who is unjustly arrested and incarcerated at Razik Prison There, the bodacious, drug addicted warden Magda rules with an iron fist and the help of her sadistic assistant, Rosa, a prisoner who has become a trustee It seems that they have set up the beautiful Alex, the latest in a long line of physically attractive women theyve ensnared at the prison for use as unwilling prostitutes at a nearby casino and as actresses in cheap porn films While Alex befriends a fellow newcomer, Tina and a transvestite named Bobo, her sister Susan attempts to get help on the outside from an American diplomat 

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