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Omertà (2012)

Watch Free Omertà (2012)
HD - 5.9

Omertà (2012)

IMDb: 5.9

Omertà (2012) Based on a widely-acclaimed TV series by Luc Dionne himself, Omertà-The Movie is centered around the character of Pierre Gauthier, a cop specialized in organized crime. He's now the head of Pulsar International, a high-level private s

Cruising Bar 2

Watch Free Cruising Bar 2 (2008)
HD - 5.6

Cruising Bar 2 (2008)

IMDb: 5.6

Cruising Bar 2 (2008) They're back! Fifteen years later, the heroes from Cruising Bar may hardly have changed but the world around them most certainly has! For the Bull, reality is brutal. His wife of 30 years, sick of his infidelity, decides to show

Cruising Bar (1

Watch Free Cruising Bar (1989)
HD - 6.8

Cruising Bar (1989)

IMDb: 6.8

Cruising Bar (1989) In this outrageous comedy (where the lead characters are played by the same actor), four men from very different backgrounds set out to go "babe-hunting" on a Saturday night. Follow a very shy nerd, a broken- hearted jun